Monday, March 7, 2011

What is the Need to Convert DGN files to DWG Format

DGN (Design) is the name used for CAD file formats supported by Bentley Systems' MicroStation and Intergraph's Interactive Graphics Design System (IGDS) CAD programs. A DGN file is a vector image file associated with MicroStation 2 and 3-dimensional design software.

Although DGN is not as widely-used as Autodesk's DWG, it is nevertheless mission critical in many large projects, including buildings, highways, bridges, process plants, shipbuilding. The DGN extension is short for "design." DGN files can be opened by Bentley Systems MicroStation or the free Bentley View program. The DGN format is also supported by several other third-party programs.

DWG ("drawing") is a binary file format used for storing two and three dimensional design data and metadata. It is the native format for several CAD packages including AutoCAD, IntelliCAD (and its variants) and Caddie. In addition, DWG is supported non-natively[2] by many other CAD applications. The .bak (drawing backup), .dws (drawing standards), .dwt (drawing template) and .sv$ (temporary automatic save) files are also DWG files.

The DWG format is probably the most widely used format for CAD drawings. Autodesk estimates that in 1998 there were in excess of two billion DWG files in existence.

2D/3D drawing format used by MicroStation construction design software; based on either the Intergraph Standard File Format (ISFF) or the newer V8 DGN standard; can be converted to the more universal .DWG format by expert CAD conversion professionals. DGN files can be converted to DWG format to view and work on them in AutoCAD design software.

Since DWG format is one of the most widely used format for CAD drawings, more and more people and organizations are getting their DGN files converted to DWG files. If you are also looking to convert DGN to DWG format then you should always look for a company that specializes in CAD conversions.

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